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Welcome to the Financial Partners community!
Find Guaranty Agencies, Lenders, Services, Trade Associations, State Grant Agencies, FFEL Schools, Secondary Markets and Direct Loan Schools by using the search tools provided below Please read the text in each area. It will help explain how to use the tool and help you better find what you are looking for.

Use the community locator to help find organizations in the financial partners community. Searching by category will narrow your search results by allowing you to select organizations by the first letter of their name or by using the search field to type in keyword(s) that you might know about the organization.

Community Locator
Enter search query here:
information You can use wildcard searches to help locate organizations. For example try using an asterik (*) before OR after your search string. Using an asterik before will locate any organization whose name ENDS with that search string. Using it after will locate any organization whose name BEGINS with that search string. For example: *west could return COLLEGE OF THE SOUTHWEST and west* could return WESTAMERICA BANK.

Please note that searching for common keywords or simply letters could return a large number of results. In this case not all results will be returned. You will be notified if you meet or exceed this threshold.

Search by Category
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Search for by entering a query
information You may use wildcard searches as described above in the community locator section.

 Again, using common search phrases could return a large number of results.

Last updated/reviewed Aug 14, 2011

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